24 Ways you can build a better WordPress website

Sometimes I should learn to keep my mouth shut. But if I did,  we wouldn’t get awesome interviews like this one with James Schramko of superfastbusiness.com.

I was listening to James interview on another podcast and he lead in to how easy it is to launch a WordPress website. Even more so, how fast and cheap it is.

Call it passion or call it crazy – but I called him out on why folks launching their new website shouldn’t just skimp out because they can.

Long story short, he contacted me and this episode was born. Join us to discuss the steps it takes to build a great WordPress website!

How to build a great WordPress website with James Schramko


I like to think that these sort of lists are subjective to the type of website you’re building. In your case, you might focus more on the pure design aspects of the site or the mobile usability.

Either way, I hope you find this list and collection of links useful for your WordPress business — or even more important — your customer’s.


Speed is an important factor across the board. It will improve our bounce rate and help mobile networks tolerate the access to your content.

Oh, Google loves speed too.

Plugins that help:

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. Smush it
  3. Cloudflare

Other services:

  1. WebPageTest.org
  2. Your Web host – This should be your first stop 😉


When a visitor lands on our site are they able to use it properly? I don’t just mean they can scroll or links work (though do make sure that is possible!) but that they can find the content and resources they intend to.

We need them to take action because that’s how we measure the success of our efforts.

Plugins that help:

  1. Google analytics by Yoast
  2. Yet Another Related Post Plugin
  3. SearchWP

Other services:

  1. CrazyEgg
  2. Google Analytics


If you don’t have a mobile accessible site you could be losing out on revenue. God forbid you’re a restaurant or brick and mortar store surviving on foot traffic. Luckily WordPress makes this easy — but not too easy, right James?

Plugins that help:

  1. Jetpack
  2. Wptouch

Other services:

  1. Viewport resizer


Have you heard of content marketing yet? Don’t cringe at the word “blog” or “podcast” – it’s new media publishing. Use your WordPress site as your homepage for all things online publishing.

Plugins that help:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Watch our review on EditFlow

Other services:

  1. Scribe

Value proposition

So many sites have become “owner” focused — we do this, we won that, we’re awesome.

You forgot about one thing — the customer! What’s in it for your them or the visitor to your blog? Make sure you’re properly addressing what it is your content solves or the pain point your product aides with.

I don’t have any plugins or services for this area. The great thing is, you can keep fine tuning that value prop over time!

Call to actions

This could fall under usability, but call to action or CTA can come in many shapes and sizes. It could be a burning red button at the top of your header or after a post. IT could come in the form of a pop-up or in between the content of your latest post.

No matter where you place it, make sure it’s clear and visible.

Plugins that help:

  1. MaxButtons

Other Services:

  1. HelloBar

Got more actionable advice?

I’d love to hear it! Leave your tip in the comments below. How do you build the perfect WordPress website?


6 responses to “24 Ways you can build a better WordPress website”

  1. WP Smush.it is a plugin based on the Smush.it service you linked to. Haven’t tried it myself, but in theory it should make things easier than going through the Yahoo! page.

    1. Very cool! Thanks Andy.

  2. Great discussion! Not sure I missed it in the conversation, but what did you recommend to more effectively manage image sizes so users aren’t downloading large file sizes? There’s so many different methods being discussed.

  3. Hey Matt,

    Just finished listening to this Podcast (playing catchup from the past few weeks). I really liked the points you and James made about re-purposing content with the editorial calendar.

    I’ve heard you mention Pat Flynn before and I think it would be great if you had him on the show. I know he’s now a WordPress web shop owner per-say, but I think he would bring a lot to an interview and since his audience is so big could even have a big impact on spreading the Matt Report into other ears.

    I thought James’ comments about Pat Flynn came across as negative and gave the impression that Pat runs a lousy business. If you look through his income reports you can clearly see he has many income streams coming in from the SPI blog, not to mention his food truck site and Green Exam Academy. Not trying to be a Pat Flynn advocate, but I think it’d be worth reaching out to him for an interview.

    Love the podcast, always learn a ton, so thanks!

    1. Tim, thanks for commenting! I’m always trying to bring unique value to the show, so if there’s any particular interest you want me to cover, I’m all ears.

      Yes, I’d love to get Pat on the show, but I know he’s super busy guy — I’ll try and request him. I would love to talk about his approach to building scalable WordPress sites, now that he’s “learned the hard way.”

      As for James, I don’t think he meant it in a bad way and I see his point about scaling beyond the solopreneur. Maybe he will chime in here.

  4. Matt, just discovered your podcast thanks to your tweet today. Great discussion!

    ps. when you get a chance, would really love to get your feedback on http://wordpress.org/plugins/shareaholic/

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