Weekly Wrap: 3 Great Traits. Starting Is Easy. Zappos. State Of Flow.



This was a very busy week for me, so the recap is going to be light. I’ve had some great feedback on this week’s featured post. It was also my topic of my discussion at the local community college this week.

What I Wrote

3 Great Traits To Look For In A Person – This is a useful article if you are looking to hire a a new employee or if you want to reflect on improving yourself.

3 Great Posts I Didn’t Write

Starting is Easier Than Sustaining – A look into the fun and excitement that is starting a new muse; while acknowledging the doldrums of maintenance.

The Trouble With Zappos – David dives into the conflicts of trying to replicate your Social Media plan like the big boys.

How To Achieve A State Of Flow – Read this and let it sink in – you won’t regret it!


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