The WordPress journalism comeback and when will Awesome Motive acquire e-commerce?

We’re back!

Stoked that WordPress journalism is making a comeback in 2020. Here I was feeling all down and out over covering WordPress and a few friends of mine are re-investing in the space. Happy to see Cory Miller become a partner at Poststatus and finally get Brian working on the company again. 😉

Well-known WP Tavern founder Jeff Chandler is set to reclaim the throne through his new initiative WP Mainline. I’m eager to have someone so dedicated to the WordPress community get back on the podcasting airwaves.

Things are moving along with Business 5000 and I’m actually content with the slower pace it’s taking at the moment. I want to build something valuable for those involved and rushing things won’t help. p.s. I’m looking for more people willing to pitch their ideas and more advisors to judge the pitches.

Friend of the show Syed Balkhi of Awesome Motive has acquired the All In One SEO plugin to round out his suite of marketing and conversion tools. This is going to be a big win for his company and especially his customers. I’m predicting an e-commerce product purchase will come soon enough.

I recently previewed the powerful Blocksy theme which comes loaded with a unique header/footer builder built in the WordPress customizer. I’m excited to see what they have to offer in their upcoming pro version. My major concern is when product owners compete over “free/fastest/most” and I’ll share those thoughts towards the end of the episode, but also highlighted in the video below.

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