Making WordPress news w/ Post Status

WordPress journalism and news coverage is making a comeback. I’m delighted to sit down and have a chat with my two friends in the WordPress space, Brian Krogsgard and Cory Miller, now partners at Post Status.

I often joke that Post Status is a competitor to the Matt Report, truth be told, Brian and Cory are valued voices among the WordPress discourse. For people like me, publishing opinions and content that express my position in the community are the few ways I can contribute to this crazy world.

When a “frienemy” joins the fray it amplifies awareness that voices & opinions truly matter. Setting aside my critique of the WP Tavern re-brand and this recently published topic, I feel it’s important that more WordPress outlets lead with something other than The Top 14 Gutenberg Themes.

There are more ways to contribute to WordPress than just lines of code. Your means of communication can contribute, or even shape, the path to 50%+ of the web.

Spin up a blog, a podcast, a YouTube, a TikTok — let your voices be heard.


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