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Thinking For The Weekend: What Drives You?

In this blog post, I asked you what your purpose was.

Now I want to know what drives you to acheive that goal?

What keeps you passionaite and in the lead of your industry?

Is it the pursuit? The money? The humbling experiences?

In my case, its about the building. Building business, building relationships and building a lifestyle. I find it very rewarding to start from nothing and turn it into something. With a product or a person, I value each experience.

What about you?

Thinking for the Weekend: 3 Tools To Keep You Organized

As Fall descends upon us in New England, we’re all back to work. Back to work at brainstorming and planning new ideas for the winter. At Slocum Design Studio, we’re mapping out our plans for Social Media Marketing. At Meganet Communications, we’re outlining a new plan for affiliate and reseller programs.

How Do I Organize My Ideas?

  • Evernote – A popular note taking tool that I can’t live without. As many of you know, SDS developed a plugin for WordPress for users of Evernote.
  • Basecamp – A web based project management tool that simplifies all the little details in life. I replace meetings, e-mails, conference calls and endless to-do’s with Basecamp.
  • Dropbox – A file sharing management app to sync files across many platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I use this to share files with team members and my many systems.

Now that you are back into full swing – how do you keep your ideas and projects organized?
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Thinking For The Weekend: Building a Quality Team

According to investors and business leaders, building a quality team is the most important part of a start-up.

This week Techcrunch held their Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. This is a gathering of our industries leading Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. It is also an opportunity for unknown startups to take the stage and impress these potential investors.

Disrupt was broadcast live over Ustream and it was a joy to watch. One of the most prominent messages and advice from investors, CEO’s and start-up advisers was to build a strong team. To them it is the fundamental element to success in any industry.

Over the weekend, think of how you built your team. Think of how you may attract more talent. Also, reflect on how you can nurture and retain that talent.

Share your thoughts below!

Thinking For The Weekend: What Is Your Purpose?

At the beginning of all my proposal documents, reads – “PURPOSE:”

What is the PURPOSE of this project?

What is the PURPOSE of your message, organization, or product?

What is your PURPOSE?

I believe that clearly defining the purpose sets the ground work for great execution. Great execution leads to the results you are looking for. In the book (read: movement) Getting Things Done, David Allen influences the reader to think clearly of their purpose. A clear definition inherently allows you to become more productive.

So for the upcoming weekend, think of the purpose. What projects are you working on? What message or organization are you promoting?

What is your purpose?

Thinking for the Weekend: Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress

Well that was fun!

For the greater part of the week, my development team and I have been working on making a WordPress plugin for the Evernote Site Memory button. We have submitted it to WordPress.org and our official announcement and homepage of the plugin can be found here: Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress by Slocum Design Studio

In my recent blog post, Evernote Clip my Blog, I quickly discussed the benefits of Evernote. Specifically, how useful clipping content from a website is for readers and site owners alike. I plan on talking about Evernote a lot in my Web Professional toolkit series.

So, over the weekend, will you be adding our new WordPress plugin to your site? We hope so!

Thinking for the Weekend: Google Instant

I find it fitting that my first “Thinking for the Weekend” article is being written on my iPhone at one of my favorite Sushi bars.

Google Instant is creating quite a stir with SEO professionals and Web Professionals alike. Many people are wondering how their google ads will perform now that Google is predicting user searches before they finish.

I’m concerned too and I’ll be thinking about it over the weekend. Looking for the dust to settle on Monday and begin a plan of attack.

What are your thoughts?

Read more about Google Instant here.

Update: typos using the wordpress iPhone app.