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Thinking For The Weekend: What Drives You?

In this blog post, I asked you what your purpose was.

Now I want to know what drives you to acheive that goal?

What keeps you passionaite and in the lead of your industry?

Is it the pursuit? The money? The humbling experiences?

In my case, its about the building. Building business, building relationships and building a lifestyle. I find it very rewarding to start from nothing and turn it into something. With a product or a person, I value each experience.

What about you?


One response to “Thinking For The Weekend: What Drives You?”

  1. Good question – and I probably have a variety of answers, depending on the particular goal.

    For a more global perspective on what drives all of us, I really enjoyed Dan Pink’s book, aptly titled Drive. In there he neatly summarizes the three areas that drive us all (at least as far as creative/problem-solving/right-brained work is concerned): Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose (in this case a purpose that is larger than ourselves).

    If you’re not familiar with Pink’s work, it’s worth a few minutes taking a look at his TED talk (the surprising truth about motivation)

    or for an even more entertaining snippet, the RSA YouTube mashup of one of his talks:


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