Raising your freelance rates w/ Chima Mmeje

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Raising your freelance rates w/ Chima Mmeje

There’s an entire industry built on selling you the Holy Grail of raising your rates.

Courses, memberships, ebooks, videos all assuring you that $10,000 projects are just a click away. Why wouldn’t you believe them? They’re on the gram throwing hundred dollar bills off a boat or speeding away in a Lambo.

To be fair, I haven’t seen a Lambo video in some time, but the one that gets me the most now is holding up an iPhone in selfie mode with AirPods and a cleverly placed whiteboard in the background.

How about grit and persistence? Patience and confidence? How about going through the paces enough to uncover your self-worth and simply raising your rates.

That’s exactly what Chima Mmeje of Zenithcopy did…plus a whole lot more.

I read her blog post, The Year I Learned Audacity and instantly DM’d her to ask if she’d be willing to share her story here.

Luckily for you and I — she said yes.

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“Price should be on par with your skill level. Once you become a specialist, you need to charging more to reflect that status.”
One of many excellent pieces of advice in this episode.

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