Raising your freelance rates w/ Chima Mmeje

There’s an entire industry built on selling you the Holy Grail of raising your rates.

Courses, memberships, ebooks, videos all assuring you that $10,000 projects are just a click away. Why wouldn’t you believe them? They’re on the gram throwing hundred dollar bills off a boat or speeding away in a Lambo.

To be fair, I haven’t seen a Lambo video in some time, but the one that gets me the most now is holding up an iPhone in selfie mode with AirPods and a cleverly placed whiteboard in the background.

How about grit and persistence? Patience and confidence? How about going through the paces enough to uncover your self-worth and simply raising your rates.

That’s exactly what Chima Mmeje of Zenithcopy did…plus a whole lot more.

I read her blog post, The Year I Learned Audacity and instantly DM’d her to ask if she’d be willing to share her story here.

Luckily for you and I — she said yes.

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2 responses to “Raising your freelance rates w/ Chima Mmeje”

  1. “Price should be on par with your skill level. Once you become a specialist, you need to charging more to reflect that status.”
    One of many excellent pieces of advice in this episode.

  2. Chima, I suggest you put your courses in marketplaces like JvZoo(International) or Expertnaire (Nigeria) for affiliates to promote your course.

    Looking at the quality of the content, affiliates would like to promote it.

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