Raising VC funding in the WordPress hosting ecosystem with Miriam Schwab

Entrepreneur, a term that has lost its potency over the years, is finding it’s way back home in today’s story.

There are those of us that start businesses out of the desire to control our own destiny, but then grapple with the inability to see the forest through the trees.

Every reason why we started a business to begin with — freedom, choice, creativity — become the very anchors that hold us back.

Great entrepreneurs know that in order for an idea to flourish and make deep roots in the world, she needs to decouple herself from the ownership of it all.

When Miriam, today’s guest, raised $6.5 million in a Series A VC round (which includes Automattic) for Strattic WordPress hosting company, she wanted to build something great.

Two challenges lie ahead: 1. To make the decision to wind down a thriving WordPress services agency 2. Go get that money to watch her idea come to life and grow beyond just a side project.

Join me in welcoming Miriam Schwab as we explore the hyper-competitive landscape of managed hosting through the lens of a static WordPress solution platform.

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