Play it forward w/ other WordPress podcasts

Today I’m experimenting with a new type of podcast episode called Play it Forward.

I’m “borrowing” this concept from a show called 3 Clips that we produce at my day job, Castos. In that show the host, Jay Acunzo, asks his guest to “play it forward” by recommending another podcast that the listener should absolutely be listening to.

I’m excited to do the same today, by sharing 3 clips — okay, another thing I’m borrowing from our other show — by sharing these 3 podcasts with you today.

So how can you take part in playing it forward?

  1. Go check out the podcasts I’m highlighting today they are worth subscribing to!
  2. Share these links to the episodes on social media.
  3. Say thanks to the hosts and guests today — putting a podcast together isn’t easy, go tell ’em they’re doing a good job.

I pulled these clips out because they were either really solid pieces of business advice, painted the picture of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, or illustrated real clarity for an upcoming goal.

I hope you enjoy today’s play it forward episode, please share the original WordPress podcast episodes below!

Clips in this episode come from the following podcast episodes:


One response to “Play it forward w/ other WordPress podcasts”

  1. Thanks for putting this together. “Pay”-it-forward helps to build communities and awareness within the WordPress ecosystem.


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