S5 E2: Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez has been running a successful side hustle called SureFire Web Services. He shares the lessons he has learned about running a business and how you should never be afraid to try new ideas and pivot when you need to. Jonathan has started a Facebook group called 0to30K, now called Devenaires. If you create websites full time or as a side hustle, there is plenty to learn from other people who have been there. Jonathan’s benchmark to success was getting his first 30K so this is where the name 0-to-30K originated.

About this show:

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Jonathan Perez of SureFire Web Services. Jonathan is a consultant/web strategist specializing in WordPress, the Genesis Framework, and now knocking it out of the park using Beaver Builder (which he considers the best page builder period).

Guests :

Jonathan Perez – Lives in the New York and is a WordPress superhero who runs SureFire Web Services.  Jonathan is a Beaver Builder evangelist who is always trying new things and loves sharing how you can use Beaver Builder to create big business. Jonathan is a father and considers his family as one of the best things that have ever happened in his life.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Beaver Builder has empowered businesses and has had a strong community grow around it. (6:15)
  • You can make good money running a side hustle. (8:40)
  • Never be afraid to fail and try many things. Having a full-time job gives you the security and allows you to experiment with many different WordPress things. (11:28)
  • Everything in WordPress is related so it is easy to grow in development, design, and marketing. This helps build a full-service shop offering many services. (15:00)
  • Theme building is very different than building a site for a client.
  • You can put a lot of work into building a Theme and the return of investment is often not there. (16:55)
  • Don’t give up too quickly when trying new things in your business and do not be afraid to pivot and try new things. (20:00)
  • Patience is the game when running your business. (21:00)
  • Staying visible helps your business. Ads are a great way to measure your ideas and work with your services. (25:00)
  • You can look at a sales cycle for products. (28:00)
  • The Beaver Builder community grew quickly and has exploded with content and videos. (32:00)
  • Growing an audience and staying in front of people takes constant work. (42:00)
  • Pay attention to being your authentic self. Sending e-mails or “cold calling” is not always a successful marketing strategy. (44:00)

Lessons for side hustle success:

  • Reach out to people and get out of your comfort zone.
  • When starting out in a WordPress business, just hit the ground running and then work on processes (50:00)
  • Success is not measured only by having 150,000 subscribers.  (55:42)

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