How to profit beyond your business

Failures in business become some of our greatest lessons.

There are 100 moments of failure in my career that have redirected the course of my business building journey. While they sting in the moment, even collapse relationships or new opportunities, I can’t help but learn from them.

But failure in business, is not the lesson today. No, it’s about how we take our business persona — the stuff we tweet about, throw on the ‘gram, scribe into our linkedin profiles — and sew them directly into the fabric of our self-worth.

I mentioned failure because often, for me anyway, failure equals fear. Fear of failing, means I might not be accepted by you. You might not think of me as someone who can but someone who cannot.

I am directly attaching my self-worth to my revenue — and that’s wrong.

Adii Pienaar joins us today to explore these very vices in his new book, Life Profitability The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. Sure, you know him as one of the founding fathers of WooCommerce, but he’s so much more than that.


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