Nathan Wrigley on hosting the WP Tavern Jukebox podcast

Matt Report
Matt Report
Nathan Wrigley on hosting the WP Tavern Jukebox podcast

Podcasting in the WordPress space can be a thankless job. It’s a labor of love — or pain.

I’ve talked about this before, it’s not something that is driven by huge financial gains and certainly not backed by huge financial interest. If you want to earn a living with podcasting about WordPress, you best read up on many multiple streams of income.

One of the most underrated victories a podcaster can claim is that of opportunity. Resiliency as a podcaster — about any topic — often leads to an introduction, a lead, or as today’s guest found, a new gig.

Nathan Wrigley is a seasoned podcaster who produces the WP Builds podcast, recently featured here on the Matt Report in January, and returns with a new title: Host of the WP Tavern podcast, Jukebox.

By the way, when did they drop WP from the site title in favor of WordPress tavern? Is that legal?

Anyway, in today’s special episode, we talk to Nathan about getting the gig and how many coins it takes to spin a record in the ‘ol jukebox.

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