How To Organize 7 Good Skills Into 3 Great Skills

Are you looking to hire someone new?

Are you applying for a job yourself and want to know how to organize a resume or cover letter?

What are the 3 key soft skills someone can promote?

I recently wrote about how important communication, fundamentals and integrity skills are.

One of the students I mentor recently submitted her soft skill questions to me for a paper she is writing. Continue reading to see how I organized the 7 traits she chose into the major 3 traits above.

What we are learning

  • Identifying important soft skills
  • Skills that land you jobs
  • Skills that make great employees

Question From Student

Hello Matt:

I do have another soft skills related assignment from Mrs. Grocer.  Basically, she would like us to contact our mentor, and ask his/her thoughts about the importance of our choice of seven soft skills. For my essay, I have chosen the following:

  1. Attendance/Punctuality
  2. Reliability
  3. Adaptability
  4. Personal Presentation
  5. Integrity/Honesty
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Time Management.

I understand you have a busy schedule, but if you could send me back your thoughts by Sunday December 19th, that would be much appreciated. Any earlier would be a bonus!

Thank you so much for your time and assistance this semester. I look forward to future conversations.

My Response

I think you have made a great set of choices here. If I were to break them out into the top 3 that I spoke about in class I would probably organize them into the following:

Personal Presentation

Critical Thinking
Time Management


I would like to see another trait under communication – but other than that – it’s spot on. In the communication category, you’ve presented me with an employee who is prepared. If they are keeping up with their personal presentation, chances are they know when to be ready for a client meeting or to roll up their sleeves for some house cleaning.

Under fundamentals, they are someone that can be responsible for large projects involving many people. They are adapting to inter-department workings, they can meet deadlines and they have the brains to put it all together.

Lastly, they wrap it all up with good integrity. On time, delivering on milestones and honest – great traits for any employee at any position.


I’m just a guy who likes to think in 3’s.

I think anything that has more than 3 features, abilities, or add-ons will only get in the way or become overlooked. By narrowing down a potential hire or your own skills to 3 powerful abilities – you set the groundwork for success.

Have any feedback for my student? Let us know below!


3 responses to “How To Organize 7 Good Skills Into 3 Great Skills”

  1. It’s a good point and smething that I suffer with. I think I always try and do about 10 different things well but should really drill down and look at my 3 core strengths and make them even better. It’s not just for the benefit of others or for your CV but to actually improve yourself as a person as well.

    1. Matt Medeiros Avatar
      Matt Medeiros


      The most effective way for me is to grab a pen and paper. Write it all out and give it some thought for a few minutes. Start connecting the dots and you will be trimming down in no time.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Matt Medeiros Avatar
    Matt Medeiros


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