Weekly Wrap: 2 Weeks 2 Learn



This week I launched a new online effort. It’s called 2 Weeks 2 Learn.

It’s my effort to bring small business owners, young entreprenuers, and those interested in new media together. The idea is to run small 2 week “classes” where 2 students work with me behind closed doors.

A focus on connecting 2 new people to one another and ask the questions they don’t know the answers to. About business, startups, social media, online marketing, blogging or anything related to new media and tech.

When we come out from the session, there will be a story to tell. The story should be engaging and helpful for others that have the same questions. As the 2W2L program progresses, I will invite students back to mentor new comers to the program.

If this is something that interests you, please sign up here: The 2 Week 2 Learn Program (or if you know someone starting a business or needs some help – send them this way!)

One Great Article I Didn’t Write

Focus on what you’re good at and nothing else! – His article from last week really highlights some of the fundamentals we sometimes overlook. A great read for starting a business, growing your brand, or a little kick in the self help department.


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