The impact of diversity, challenge, and success with HeroPress

I met Topher a few years back when we were plopped down near one another at a WordCamp after party. We never met, or crossed paths before. In fact, I think our beards dueled for a bit before we started chatting — or maybe it was the ice wine?

To my delight, I enjoyed the conversation we had, inspired by the work my new friend was doing in and for WordPress. A few years passed and we kept in touch, even catching a Skype call here and there to discuss some of the new work he was challenged to embark on.

HeroPress? Is this just another — dare I say — entrepreneurial spotlight shining on the well-known business builders of the WordPress community?

No. No, it isn’t.

HeroPress embodies more than the shallow wins, even I’m guilty of showcasing on this show, to it’s readers. Topher reaches out to all corners of the world, producing a healthy mix of diversity within the stories published on the blog. This is the real nitty-gritty of how people find their way in our community, be it for business or pleasure.

Topher’s an original, something you’re sure to pick up on in his conversation today. I’m honored he graced our airwaves, and I hope you enjoy his story of diversity, challenges, and success with HeroPress.

Who knows, maybe you’ll publish your own essay on HeroPress someday?


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