Creating an online course

Have you been planning to launch that brandy new online course of yours? Who better than Carrie Dils, WordPress podcaster and Lynda trainer, to teach us the ins and outs of setting up your first course.

She’ll take us through the mindset of planning, all the way through production of our educational material. I’ve invited her to “takeover” my show, steering the audience to online course production success.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and can’t wait to be back in Season 4!

Welcome to the GAP!

Carrie Dils on Creating an Online Course



3 responses to “Creating an online course”

  1. Great to get a behind-the-scenes look at your process. Lots of helpful info. I’m interested in creating a course but haven’t decided on a topic. Your lynda videos are great, I always refer people just starting out with Genesis to watch them. Thanks for this podcast.

    1. Thanks for listening, Marjorie. Carrie does a great job 🙂

    2. Thank you Marjorie!

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