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Growing a $40k+ monthly recurring WordPress support business

This is not the first time Dan Norris has been featured on Matt Report. In November 2013 Dan applied and was accepted as one of the 4 business contestants featured in the first Matt Report WordPress Startup challenge. In this interview Dan gives a glimpse into the progression at WPCurve and his other active projects.

Dan explains how it is possible to run a successful business supporting WordPress users and business owners for 14 months before attending his first WordCamp in September 2014. At WordCamp Sydney Dan was a presenter of workshop: The 7 Day Startup, How to build a scalable WordPress business in 1 week. His book 7 Day Startup was successfully released on Amazon around the same time as his first WordCamp experience.

Dan emphasized that it is not necessary to focus early in your business’ life cycle to find the perfect tools cover all future growth scenarios. Expect to find new tools to support your customers as your business evolves.

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What was discussed during the conversation between Matt and Dan Norris

(times correspond to video)
1:25 What has happened with WPCurve since you were on the Matt Report start-up challenge last year?
2:50 Can you tell our listeners a little bit about about each of the things you are involved with and how you manage your time among multiple businesses?
6:40 How do you look at starting up a business now?
9:40 How do you know it was the time to get away from your original manual processes in your business?

“Fix problems as they arise.”

19:40 Are you looking to not have your name so closely attached to the brand?
20:30 What is the day look like for Dan? How do you prepare for your day to create content?
22:25 How do you divide the responsibilities with your US based business parter?
23:30 Do you follow the WordPress news closely?
27:10 How was it to get exposure on ProductHunt.com?
30:30 What parting advice do you have for freelancer
Dan Norris WordCamp Sydney Slides
37:30 Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

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7 Day Start Up
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4 responses to “Growing a $40k+ monthly recurring WordPress support business”

  1. Hi, this was a great show and Dan was a really interesting and guest who seemed to answer all of Matt questions directly.

    1. Thanks, Jon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I definitely agree 12:00 minutes in… If you start thinking about all the little things that may or may not happen it is easy to live in the future and give up before starting. I never know what is going to happen month to month. Last month if you had told me I will be changing hosting provider I never would have believed it. Been happy with my current one for many years. And yet this week I have done exactly that.

    Living in what happens day to day and managing what happens as it happens rather than focusing on what might or might not happen is how I keep myself sane.

    Thanks for this great interview. I never considered there could be a market just for WordPress support only. Learn something new every day ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. So true isn’t it?! Thanks for stopping by Diane ๐Ÿ™‚

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