Garrett Moon of Todaymade & CoSchedule

Are you afraid to start because you’re not in San Francisco, New York, or Austin?

What if I told you that today’s guest is doing just fine out in North Dakota?

Garrett Moon is co-foudner of Todaymade a software company that launched CoSchedule a few months back. And by a few months I mean October/November of last year — yes this interview is a bit late.

None the less it is jam packed with great advice from this passionate and very talented founder. We’re going to cover a wide range of startup challenges like launching outside of a major metro market all the way to negotiating client services contracts.

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Launching a startup outside of a major market

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In today’s startup world

Considering I run a distributed shop in today’s startup world, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that a  talented team can find success no matter where they are.

Today’s guest shares what it’s like to launch a new product alongside a client services business  and all the juicy details in between. One thing that really sticks out is building a product that solves your own need first.

Sounds so cliche, but it’s a great way to test and validate a new idea. At the end of the day, at least you can still use it for your business and that’s how Garrett and his team launched CoSchedule.

An alternative to WordPress

Something else that might come as a surprise — Todaymade has their own CMS.

Gasp! You’re not using WordPress?!

Some of the projects they launch do not require the overhead or standard features of a traditional WordPress install. Though they often integrate the blogging platform with their content management system it’s not always the perfect fit. We’ll discuss what that’s like when negotiating with customers.

This interview is a bit late

We recorded this back in November when I was first outlining the foundation of Matt Report Pro and embarrassingly I’m just airing it now. I do apologize to Garrett and his team, but this is still a great episode for all to enjoy!

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2 responses to “Garrett Moon of Todaymade & CoSchedule”

  1. Good stuff Matt and Garrett. I admit that you do feel out of the scene at times if you’re not based in one of the US tech hotspots, but you can make it anywhere, that’s the truth. Heck, many US folks don’t even know my country exists! 😉 That didn’t stop me from building a popular WordPress blog and successful commercial plugin. To compensate for any disadvantages due to my location, I make sure I am as connected as possible online.

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