Ethan Marcotte: Responsive design with a side of WordPress

Matt Report
Matt Report
Ethan Marcotte: Responsive design with a side of WordPress

It’s not often one has the chance to share a stage with guru of responsive design Ethan Marcotte, as I did during WordCamp Boston 2013.

Ok, so it wasn’t a stage, it was a podium. And we didn’t share it, I just came on after him — but I digress.

In this episode of Matt Report, our animated GIF hero and I chat about the fundamentals of usability and how responsive solves a lot more than just pretty browser snapping fun. Ethan isn’t a die-hard WordPress user either and he sheds some of his perspective on how WordPress could improve in some key areas.

Hands down a great guy to talk to with a fresh perspective on our digital world. Enjoy!

Interview with Ethan Marcotte

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With a strong process and understanding

responsive design

There are those that simply do work and those where the work is part of their fabric.

Ethan is certainly the latter.

Take responsive web design for instance. You might be selling brochureware sites that require the design to load “safely” on an iMac, tablet, and a cell phone. That’s  great, it’s what the client wants. Everyone is happy and it’s off to the next web project.

What about if that same technology could save terabytes of data across a wireless network for developing countries? Now we’re talking about a usability and experience that’s slightly different than how you stack your grid of homepage photos.

These are the challenges that inspire Ethan on a daily basis and we’re going to chat all about it.


Believe it it or not, he hasn’t touched WordPress in a while — or perhaps now since we originally recorded this — so his fresh perspective on our beloved platform shouldn’t be missed!

We’re also going to be giving you advice on landing that next big client and how the conversation in the room might be shockingly similar to what you’re already experiencing.

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