Finding someone else to run your company w/ WP Buffs founder Joe Howard

What does the word entrepreneur mean anymore? To you?

I think there’s that slightly jaded view of the TechCrunch Disrupt vision of days gone by. Building a unicorn. Changing the world. Buying that Porsche you always wanted. It’s about the endgame we so cleverly convince ourselves of.

However, some of the best business builders are doing it because they are naive. Wait. Naive? Hold that thought: not in a bad way, but in the way I am guilty of and maybe even you are too.

We set out not knowing that the roller coaster ride is going to tip us upside down, spin us in a 360, and do it at speeds in excess of 100mph. If we thought the ride was going to be anything but gentle…maybe we would have never bought that ticket.

Entrepreneurs are both lucky and crazy.

Joe Howard founded WP Buffs and grew it to a point where it just wasn’t for him anymore. He put a CEO in place, retains majority ownership, and he barely thinks about it.

He’s off building another product called Drifly and blogging at

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