Choosing the best WordPress themes

What a difference 3-plus-something years makes.

Remember the Page Builder race? Then remember when Gutenberg came on the scene smashing the ground, cracking the earth beneath her like Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League?

Okay, well, maybe not that glorious of an entry but mirroring the audiences continued mixed reviews…

It seemed like only yesterday that my friends at Beaver Builder were on a rocket ship ride to the moon and the likes of using Gutenberg were slim when you saw the install count of the classic editor plugin.

Here we are nearing the tail-end of Q1 in the year 2021, and Elementor recently crossed over 7 million active websites, made a not-so-smooth pricing update, and enter into any Facebook group to the bemoaning of users looking to switch to Oxygen builder.

Gutenberg has gotten largely better over that time, but still with some massive gaps in its usability. Even tasks like dragging blocks into columns is not as effortless of SiteOrigin’s page builder from 6 years ago…okay wait, could you drag blocks in that?

Anyway, full-site editing is the next contestant sure to be challenged like the past Core Champions that fled the arena — I’m here rooting for it. I do want this stuff to get better even if I’m not the ideal user for it.

I still want advanced tools and themes that get the job done without all of the overhead, but that’s just me.

Which leads me to the discussion part of this podcast: choosing the Best WordPress theme…for me.

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Here are the themes I mention in this episode:


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