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How to improve your customer’s WordPress experience

For Tracy Levesque co-owner of Yikes, the details make a difference in the delivery. Beyond adding a client’s logo to the WordPress login screen, it’s about really listening to how your client will use the new WordPress website you are creating for them. Tracy explains how she fine tunes the dashboard elements to give comfort and ownership to her client. By changing small details of the dashboard, it can speed up the onboarding and training process. The admin settings can speak in the client’s terms instead of the standard WordPress jargon (which is often meaningless and possibly confusing to the users that may be new to WordPress).

Yikes is a thriving family business. One of the two main business segments is focused on WordPress: creating custom themes for clients, giving back to the WordPress community in several ways, and supporting a free plugin with more than 50,000 downloads. Tracy and her wife Mia, as business partners, strive to balance the challenges of separating work life and home life.

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What was discussed during the conversation between Matt and Tracy Levesque
1:30 Tracy please give us your 2 minute elevator pitch
2:00 Do you talk about WordPress to your clients and in your agency life or do they not care and just want a solution?
2:40 What is it like for folks to hear about WordPress in the early stage selling process?
3:40 Do you feel like WordPress is becoming more of a household name with your clients?
4:45 How have you focused on non-profits?
5:40 What do you think non-profits are looking for with agency partners?
9:30 In your agency, what is team Cold Fusion and team WordPress?
12:00 How do you deliver your WordPress websites?
15:45 How did your Easy Mail Chimp Forms plugin get created and how do you maintain the plugin in the context of agency life?
19:30 Matt reads a review of the Easy MailChimp plugin from 2013.
21:50 How do you manage agency life as a family business?

Our skillsets and personalities really complement each other in this business.

26:45 How important is client communication?
28:30 How did you get involved in Girl Develop It?
30:15 What are you speaking about at WordCamp San Francisco 2014?
30:40 What parting advice would you give to our audience?
33:00 What did you contribute to WordPress version 4.0?

Resources mentioned

Easy MailChimp Forms Plugin
Girl Develop It Philadelphia chapter
WordCamp San Francisco
WordPress 4.0 contributors


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