Creating Niche Products You Enjoy w/ Jason Schuller

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Creating Niche Products You Enjoy w/ Jason Schuller

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I have to be honest, I get a tad jealous when people say they aren’t coders, then go out to build a SaaS company as if they have been coding all their lives.

My Twitter feed reminds me weekly that someone else is launching a new micro-niche product or app and — dang it — I want in on the fun!

Take Jason Schuller, for example. Though his recent isn’t his first foray into the SaaS world, he doesn’t consider himself a full-blown engineer. Like LeefLets and Rivyt before it, he leveraged WordPress as the backend to his products, while concentrating on front-end design to make the “plumbing” look a bit more magical.

He’s able to leverage core WordPress components like user authentication & management, post types, and custom fields. Nevermind what other “accessory” plugins he might be using, like Gravity Forms.

A testament to Jason and WordPress, I suppose.

I love niche products and I love hearing the stories behind them. It’s even better when you can build something power by teaching yourself how to code, or leverage “frameworks” like WordPress.

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