Creating Niche Products You Enjoy w/ Jason Schuller

I have to be honest, I get a tad jealous when people say they aren’t coders, then go out to build a SaaS company as if they have been coding all their lives.

My Twitter feed reminds me weekly that someone else is launching a new micro-niche product or app and — dang it — I want in on the fun!

Take Jason Schuller, for example. Though his recent isn’t his first foray into the SaaS world, he doesn’t consider himself a full-blown engineer. Like LeefLets and Rivyt before it, he leveraged WordPress as the backend to his products, while concentrating on front-end design to make the “plumbing” look a bit more magical.

He’s able to leverage core WordPress components like user authentication & management, post types, and custom fields. Nevermind what other “accessory” plugins he might be using, like Gravity Forms.

A testament to Jason and WordPress, I suppose.

I love niche products and I love hearing the stories behind them. It’s even better when you can build something power by teaching yourself how to code, or leverage “frameworks” like WordPress.

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2 responses to “Creating Niche Products You Enjoy w/ Jason Schuller”

  1. Loved listening to this podcast. Just found you Matt – great job.
    I was impressed by Jason’s story and I a really love what he has done on
    I am developing a plugin for WP, so am looking at the current state of things in the ecosystem. I think Jason is on to something and have something really become popular. Seems like DSKO idea would take off if directed into some very targeted groups. I love the design of it and the site as well.
    Both of you are very helpful to those of us trying to building something of our own.
    Peace, Jamie

    1. Thanks for listening!

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