Knowing when to pivot your company w/ Jordan Gal

Jordan Gal joins the podcast today to review the 5-year journey he’s been on with CartHook.

I know many of you might know him from co-hosting the Bootstrapped Web podcast with friend-of-the-show, Brian Casel. But if you’re like me, the half-decade old story of CartHook starting out as cart abandonment tool, to now a full-on checkout replacement for Shopify, has become a little blurry.

Keeping up with Jordan’s roller-coaster ride has been exciting and today’s interview sticks the bookmarks at all the right places.

  • When & why did Jordan decide to build a new product?
  • When did they decide to pair down two products into one?
  • How did they move upmarket with pricing and customer applications?

All of these pivots, while not easy, has made the company stronger across culture and lowering churn. It has been an amazing ride, and I hope you find some lessons you can learn from in today’s episode — I know I have.

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