The WordPress community w/ Matt Mullenweg

After Automattic released their experiment with selling $5,000 websites, I published a video, I spell it wordpress now.

A video which has been viewed over 1,400 times and caught the attention of today’s guest, Matt Mullenweg co-creator of WordPress & Founder of Automattic. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Mullenweg back in 2015, and have consumed nearly every other podcast he’s been featured on since.

I thought about doing a more in-depth analysis on Matt’s responses to my questions, but I’d rather let the content speak for itself, allowing you to digest our discussion then arrive at your own conclusions.

Though there is one word that sticks with me, and that’s: vulnerable.

There are some vulnerable moments when discussing topics relating to blue collar digital workers — or builders/implementors — that could spark a change in Matt’s long-term regard to a group of WordPress users that I feel control the under current of the CMS’s adoption.

Matt is also responsible for nearly 378,000* products under Autoamattic’s umbrella, to which he informed there’s a new internal initiative rolling out to help disperse some of the responsibilities not only from him, but the 1,400 other Automattician’s.

As for me, I do get very passionate about WordPress and my response to moments like these might do better if I sit on them a little longer or reach out to Matt directly. Who knows, maybe we’ll get more podcast episodes out of it.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode, please share it with the world, and leave a comment on the post.

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3 responses to “The WordPress community w/ Matt Mullenweg”

  1. Yep, it was me who said that about Crowd Favorite, et al. Thanks for jumping in and correcting, Matt!

  2. Hi, Matt. Great interview and you handled Matt Mullenweg statements that you and Bridget was responsible for spending semi untruths about WordPress and Automattic calmly and with style obviously you and Bridget are is total innocence of this charge!

  3. WooCommerce is at the “day 1” stage?
    Oh boy oh boy… If this isn’t food for thought, then I don’t know what else can be.

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