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Top 5 Web Professionals

What makes a Web Professional?

Web Professionals are passionate and influential people. They embody a strong fundamental value that they promote every day. As a Web Professional, not only are you helping yourself or your company, but a community of customers or colleagues around you. Making smart scalable decisions, promoting great values, and helping the faithful followers around them are a fraction of why I chose the top 5 Web Professionals.

Across the board, they all come from very different fields. From web design to marketing to running their own software company – each has a unique perspective. They don’t just speak technical jargon or high level web related talk. Each reach out to us on different levels and on many different platforms like Twitter or their own Video podcast series. Each delivers a message that we can all benefit from.

The candidates below share the same important value. Passion.

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Blogging 101: How long does SEO take to work?

Just how long does it normally take you to see your SEO results? I saw results in about a month. Remember this post? If not, let me give you a recap.

A little more than 30 days ago, I got back into the game of blogging. Exiting from my stale and neglected Drupal blog and back to WordPress. In the aforementioned post, I provided screen shots of what was happening to my SEO keywords in regards to Google search results.

Well a few blog posts later and the good SEO is starting to take shape.

<!–more–>The image below represents how Google is interpreting my site now. As you can see, in a little over a month’s time, things have improved greatly.


Big difference right? Let’s take a look.

The Problem: I Didn’t Maintain the Blog

I was running a Drupal based blog that was a bear to keep up with. It’s very important when running web applications like Drupal or WordPress that you keep the core files updated. Applying recent security patches insures your keeping yourself and audience safe from malicious activity. My last blog fell off my list of priorities and eventually became over written with spam.

You may think comment spam is just annoying for readers and your moderation efforts – but it actually changes how search engines define what your blog is about. Hence the reason why I was referred to as a Swedish trading post.

The Fix: I Ran For The Hills (And I Wrote Along The Way)

Aside from totally uprooting the the technology I ran my blog on, I started writing again. More posts, more content and more keywords shapes your identity. As you can see, it took a little over a month to start forming some relevant keywords to define my site. Now when people are searching for the terms I’m connected with – I will show up more often in their search results.


If you’re new to blogging or SEO, it’s not instant. It’s not passive. You have to work at it. You also need to be passionate about it. It’s not easy to create content if you don’t like to talk about it. On the flip side, if you’re not talking at all, your presence could take a shape onto itself.

As a Web Professional, we need to take into account for the entire ecosystem. Chose your technology, maintain it, support it, and by all means utilize it.

In the long run it benefits you, your clients, and the community that follows you.

[Photo credit: MGCamacho Blog]

Are Web Professionals A Dying Breed? (Or Just Getting Started)

In an upcoming post, I will discuss the concepts I believe make up a great Web Professional. I’ve been actively researching the ingredients that make up such candidates. If you consider yourself a Web Professional, I’d love to know what keywords you consider define us on the web.  However, a quick glance at Google Insight, seems to uncover it may be a down trending title.

Or is it?

Google seems to associate Web Professional with a few different terms. More specific terms like Professional Web Design, Professional Web Design templates, and free Web Design templates. Is this just the affect of keywords sculpting the definition of a real Web Professional? Is it fair to us?

Or are Web Professionals not clearly defined yet?

Surely if your seeking a Web Professional, you need someone who understands web technology, social media/marketing, and vast knowledge on connecting you to online media outlets.


Thinking for the Weekend: Google Instant

I find it fitting that my first “Thinking for the Weekend” article is being written on my iPhone at one of my favorite Sushi bars.

Google Instant is creating quite a stir with SEO professionals and Web Professionals alike. Many people are wondering how their google ads will perform now that Google is predicting user searches before they finish.

I’m concerned too and I’ll be thinking about it over the weekend. Looking for the dust to settle on Monday and begin a plan of attack.

What are your thoughts?

Read more about Google Instant here.

Update: typos using the wordpress iPhone app.

I’m near celebrity status and apparently a Swedish trading post?

Consider this a “prequel post” to my endeavor of relaunching my blog. This little snippet of information is some insight into good Search Engine Optimization practices, the importance of maintaining your website, and sharing a similar name with a celebrity. While reconfiguring my Google Webmaster account I discovered that the keyword “matthew m” ranks 3rd in Google search results. Interested to see what I was up against, I googled away.


Sure enough, Matthew McConaughey takes the top spot, with MatthewM.org coming in a cool third. I’ll take it! I also share the same name of a CEO at a top technology company and have mistakenly received his personal e-mails before. Such is life when you carry the torch of a familiar name.

What I also found interesting were the keywords that Google crawled in my old website. As discussed in a previous post, I recently moved from Drupal to WordPress. I fully admit, I did the one thing us Web Professionals constantly remind clients – I didn’t keep my site updated.

Drupal, in my professional opinion, is not for a personal blog. Scratch that. It’s not for a personal blog if you have ZERO time to keep the Drupal modules and core updated. Thus, my old site was plagued with spam and comments in other languages. Obviously, a tremendous hit on my SEO and search rankings.

So what have we learned? Use Google Webmaster tools to learn great information about your site and keep your CMS (or web code) updated. On the bright side, I’m still 3rd place to major celebrity Matthew McConaughey!