Side hustle to full time business w/ Travis Lopes

Is there ever a right time to start a business?

We could subscribe to every podcast, take every online course, thumbs up every video Troy Dean puts out on Facebook and we still wouldn’t be 100% ready.

Imagine having a full-time job and peddling your small piece of software on the side. Before you know it, it’s making 500 to 1,500 in monthly sales. If you dedicate more time to it, you can turn it into an almost full-time gig. But when? If you dedicate more time to it, where do you focus that precious resource?

Travis Lopes just made that leap from full-time at Rocket Genius — the makers of Gravity Forms — to run his software business, He’ll take us down (or up?) the decision tree on how he weighed the opportunity ahead of him. Also, what about building for a niche product within a niche product?!


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