Sell your WordPress plugin business

The last time Dan was on the show, we talked about staying small, operating without that burning desire to scale to unruly levels.

I think now, more than ever, we’re all starting to realize that growth at any cost isn’t for everyone. Small products can become big products, or small products can become many products under one portfolio. Diversify.

There’s no playbook for any of this, that’s the exciting part, though I’d urge you not to fall into the trap of attempting to replicate the success of a founder you follow on Twitter — make it your way.

How to sell your WordPress plugin business

Like most things in life, there was no perfect path for our hero’s journey. Dan narrates us through the entire process of selling his plugin business Sprout Invoices, both technically and emotionally.

I’ll save the good stuff for your listening pleasure.

I’m happy my friend is moving on to another chapter in his career. If you’re looking for him, find him at Sprout Ventures.


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  1. Great interview. We are so happy to have Sprout Invoices join our family. One thing that may give context is Web Ventures is part of the InMotion Hosting family. That is what gives us our amazing team and experience.

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