S4 E1: Logan Nickelson of MusicForMakers.com

Hooray! Season 4 is here!

First and foremost, thanks for always tuning into the Matt Report, and craving great stories and how-to from our guests. Second, thanks to my two content sponsors for this season: Pagely.com & Valet.io. Without them, the Netflix style release wouldn’t have been possible.

Kicking of Season 4 is my friend Logan Nickelson, founder of MusicForMakers.com. He built a recurring membership business built on WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and Restrict Content Pro enabling him to sell his royalty-free music.

You might be thinking that a musician turned digital product seller, might not relate to your more traditional WordPress product or digital marketing product — oh, but it does!

The parity between a music artist, and today’s freelance developer/designer, is uncanny. He pulls on a lot of similar threads that we in the freelance consulting world experience in our own business. He’s also a digital content marketer by day, and he’s building this business in his spare time. And when you’re making the music, building the website, marketing the goods, and supporting your customers — it becomes quite a feat!

I hope you enjoy Season 4 Episode 1 with Logan Nickelson!

Matt Report
Matt Report
S4 E1: Logan Nickelson of MusicForMakers.com

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