AppPresser: Launching a product with zero competition

Dare I say it’s easy to launch a product when there’s a competitor in the wild?

How about easier?

It’s one challenge to build a competing product and grow a business, it’s a whole other challenge to create something new with no competitors.

Today I sit down with Scott Bolinger and Lisa Sabin-Wilson to discuss the launch and future plans for their AppPresser product.

If you’re cooking up you own product or service that’s scaring the bejeebus out of you — you probably want to listen to this episode!

AppPresser with Scott Bolinger & Lisa Sabin-Wilson

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This is scary stuff

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is scary stuff.

You set out, sometimes on your own, to face the great unknown that is the market.

  • Who’s my customer?
  • How do I reach them?
  • How much do I charge?

Let’s say you wanted to launch a contact form plugin. You would look at Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms and see what they were up to. Your team would probably start by saying, “How can we make this easier?” or “Can we make a better UI?” Then you’re off to the races. You’ve got a foundation and a blueprint to work with.

Well, what if you don’t have a competitor to base your version 1 off of? What if no one actually wants to buy your new idea?

The greater the risk the greater the return.

As for AppPresser, they have no model to work from. There’s no standard for building iOS or Android apps based on WordPress because it doesn’t exist — until now.

In this episode, we’re going to look at how Scott hooked up with WebDevStudios and why it’s important to work with other teams on projects this size. A feat that I tip my cap to, as most folks charged with a startup idea want to control it all.

I hope you enjoy this special episode with the team from AppPresser!

Launching a product that has no competition

If it hasn’t been created yet – ask yourself why.

  • Too challenging?
  • Too costly?
  • No market?

However, if your gut is telling you to build this, here’s a few methods that I recommend to test your market.

I’ve talked about it in this post, but your first step should be to start growing an audience today. Take your idea and chisel it down to the most consumable pill to swallow. If you’ve got plans for every feature and every platform, pick the most popular and roll with that. Start the elevator pitch to friends, family and your Twitter following. If no one gets it or isn’t too convinced, throw it back in the oven.

You don’t want to launch half baked.

If you can’t put it into words, try using a presentation or video demonstration using Screenflow. Slideshows with big simlpe text and keywords work great. If you can’t dive into code right away, simulate your clicks or product screens using animation. This is another great way to demonstrate a walk through without having to actually code something.

It’s all about the pitch and presentation when you don’t have a similar competitor to tackle.

“We’re just like Easy Digital Downloads, but easier!” Imagine that, but you get my point.

Do you find yourself in this position? Tell us in the chat below! 


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  1. “We’re just like Easy Digital Downloads, but easier!” I like it! In fact, I did say something like this to promote my eCommerce service to clients.

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