HubSpot’s Next Move

I’m sitting in the keynote speech by Brian Halligan, Founder of HubSpot at the South Coast Social event.

This is the first time I’ve heard Brian speak and damn I’m scared. He’s my direct competitor and markets to my audience. He’s super intelligent and has the vision it takes to succeed.

I’m going to take his own advice and stay agile. Continuously develop, change, and stay dynamic in our market. His company has been in the news recently, so I decided to ask him about it.

It won’t hurt to learn from the big boys.

What’s up at HubSpot

Recently HubSpot has received an injection of money and acquired a new company. I asked Brian, what his next move was.

With the recent injection of money and acquisition of Performable, what is HubSpots next big move?

“We created software for small business. A lot of them have outgrown and achieved new levels because of our product. Now we’re moving on to create a more premium software for larger customers and for the customers that have grown with us.”

This is great news for the market. HubSpot is a leader in training inbound marketing tactics. They have a super talented team and continue to stay cutting edge.

Brian didn’t mention a timeline for launch, but I’m sure we’ll start to see some great things cropping up soon!


2 responses to “HubSpot’s Next Move”

  1. Rather than compete with us, why don’t you build applications on top of HubSpot’s platform?  We’re opening the whole thing up and letting others build on it.  The benefit is that you will have nice, direct access to our nearly 5,000 (and growing fast) customers.

    Build some cool stuff on there and we’ll pimp it for you.

    1. Very cool! 

      I’ll have to research the platform, thanks for the information. Also, great talk today at the South Coast Social Event!

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