How to write your first self published e-book

Am I the only one that has an urge to start writing a book when the winter time rolls around?

Brian Casel returns to The Matt Report to discuss his latest Launch Design for Conversions.

This isn’t a typical interview, we’re getting right to the good stuff including planning your book, marketing, sales expectations and supporting customers.

Learn from Brian’s success and failures in episode 55! 

Episode 55: Brian Casel & Design for Conversions

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There’s a long road ahead

Brian set out with a very rigid scheduled — then chopped it by 2 months.

When he looked at the project from a 30-thousand foot view, he was a bit overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t be when all you see is a blank canvas needing to be filled with all of your thoughts.

But what did he attribute his success to?

1. Blogging

Brian has been bogging for some time now. If he wasn’t already producing content regualrly, this book writing task probably would have been a touch harder. On the flip side, guest blogging also helped him find success with marketing the book.

So get your blog on already!

2. Planning

Planning every step of the way. Admittedly this is my weakest point. He sat down and formulated a strong plan and mapped out milestones for himself. Along the way, he crossed off these accomplishments which became great motivating points. He drilled down to the day, which I don’t think I could do, but certainly on a weekly or monthly basis. How would you plan your book?

3. Hard work

There’s no other way around it. This is going to be hard work.

We chatted about the days that he had to sit down and just write. Mentally exhausted from the day or just not in the mood, he still stuck through it and pounded through the hard turns. I’ve heard this from a lot of authors out there and it’s quite a challenge that I’m wondering if I could live up to.

There’s a whole heck of a lot more in the interview so be sure to tune in.

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