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Find Your Social Media Voice

The famous question: Are you using social media correctly?

Everyday we’re learning how to use social media in various ways that drive results, connect with people, and build our business. Some of us are looking for a recipie for success and others are looking to take in small chunks at a time.

Some will tell you to how to do things in a scientifically and others will tell you to just say thank you.

There’s no right or wrong way.


Because social technology is constantly changing under the heavy pressure to be the number one platform. Techniques, tactics, and strategies amongst marketers and consultants are continually evolving. How can you keep up?


Find your social media voice!

Clear Your Social Media Voice

Forget when to tweet, what to Like, who to connect with, and what to +1.

Facebook is not for everyone.  There is no recipe or guide to success with social media.

Just because social media is all the rage, dosen’t mean you need to be plotting and planning for every single platform. You should stop being concerned with being on all of them and more concerned with finding what works. If you’re dynamic enough to spread yourself across all of these platforms – good for you.

Just find your social media voice. 

If you think of each platform as a different social setting you can find your voice. You should not be using the same voice across all platforms. If you were at a library, would you scream out, “This book was freakin’ awesome!”


Take a look at my different voices in social media and let me know what you think.

Facebook – The Expensive Conference

On my personal profile, I make it known that I blog and run a digital media agency. I post links that folks may find useful in their business or for their daily motivation fix. On the Matt Report fan page, I use it to post my recent articles or ask questions that help me craft what I should write about next.

I don’t over promote.

I feel that Facebook is still the most personal level of all social media platforms.

To me it’s like registering at a conference.

Someone has already printed your name tag, has all your contact information, and references to your company. You’re not showing up to disrupt the others and make an ass of yourself.

Be courteous to others, shake hands, smile, and communicate. You’re there to make solid connections and learn from the others around you.

Twitter – The Business After Hours Mixer

Ready for a complete 180?

Twitter is by far my most favorite and useful platforms. You can find me here.

Twitter is open for the world to find you. I use it daily to promote myself, connect with others, collect information, joke, yell, rant, and stalk.

My voice is a lot different here.

I like to think of Twitter as the business after hours event. You’re burnt out from all the tough questions of the day, you’ve had a couple of beverages, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. Moving through the crowd with your “Hello my name is…” sticker on, throwing out high fives, and cheers’ing beer steins.

Because Twitter is quick and efficient, it also gives you the best opportunity to engage in real time.

It’s a good day to be you – get out there and make a connection!

LinkedIN – 1 On 1

“If I could have your attention please…”

The lights go down and the guest speaker is about to begin. You’re packed in an auditorium after opening with the free continental breakfast. After the show is over, you shake hands with the person next to you and hand them a business card.

See, you’ve been whispering to this person throughout the entire talk. Making a connecting, discussing business, and seeing how you can help them. One on one, personal and professional.

That’s my LinkedIN voice.


The latest member to the pack. You can find me here.

I don’t know if I should walk, run, jump, scream, or bow.

What I can tell you, it’s already becoming the number 1 referrer to my blog. I find it a lot easier to communicate and find others on this platform. You can post longer threads, share content easier, and the whole platform feels more engaging.

Sometimes I have my Twitter voice and sometimes I have my LinkedIN voice.

I’m quite sure Google is trying to pull from all the great features of the various platforms and mix it into their own. Will the loud mouth sales guy show up or the quiet engineer from down the hall?

Have You Found Your Voice Yet?

Now that you’ve had a chance to reflect on my voices – what’s yours?

Are you spreading yourself across all platforms? Have you been caught red handed speaking in the same voice at different venues? I’d love to hear what you’re doing in the comments!


3 responses to “Find Your Social Media Voice”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks so much for graduating beyond the “cocktail party” analogy. This is a great reminder/primer for how each platform demands a different tone or voice. Still being true to yourself, but understanding people are there for different reasons.

    Great to hear you’ve seen success from Google+ while still sorting it, encouraging.

    Looking forward to hearing your Twitter tips and Google+ impressions at tonight’s Newport Interactive Marketers:

    1. Suzanne,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I really appreciate it! Tonight should be a good success all around, excited to talk about all this great stuff!

      1. Hi Matt, Great job last night … really appreciate your stepping up on short notice and delivering a fantastic demo + tips on Google+ vs Twitter vs other platforms. Thanks again! -S

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