Episode 40: How Brad Williams built one of the leading WordPress agencies

Brad Williams founder of WebDevStudios joins us to give us a behind the scenes look at this fast growing WordPress agency.

He’s also a fellow WordPress media man and hosts The Dradcast another WordPress podcast. (It’s great, just don’t tell him I said so.)

Here’s a fascinating journey of an entrepreneur who picked up his whole life to start his company. If you’re thinking about quitting your day job, sit back and relax as Brad shares his stories about the climb to the top.

Brad Williams co-founder of WebDevStudios

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Process of elimination

A lot of “web 2.0” web marketing entrepreneurs are looking for the quick start.

Get 10,000 fans. Keyword stuffing. Over seas outsourcing for SEO.


Brad’s going to take us down a path of hard work and elbow grease. There’s no magic potion to grow something organically. WebDevStudio’s started with the $500 client and now operates with a team of 12 talented programmers, designers, and project managers.

What does this mean? You can do it too.

Do good work, plan as far ahead as you can, and understand you want to scale. Brad knew he wasn’t a designer and made that one of his first long term goals.

As you complete a project and move on to the next, you’re going to find what works and what doesn’t. You may stumble along the way, but learn from these experiences and focus on what you do well with.

I’m listening to this podcast as I’m writing this outline and I just can’t keep up. There’s so much great conversation going on that you I just want you to dive in to the episode.

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6 responses to “Episode 40: How Brad Williams built one of the leading WordPress agencies”

  1. Great episode, as usual. Very inspirational, and a lot of great stuff to digest and to think about it. Thanks Matt for making the podcast and Brad for sharing his experience. Priceless.

    1. Thanks @Joan_1979:disqus!

    2. Brad Williams Avatar
      Brad Williams

      Glad you enjoyed it Joan!

  2. Great interview Matt and Brad. Very helpful interview for those of us running WordPress based businesses. Thanks for the transparency, well rounded perspective, and keep up the great work!

  3. Really enjoyed this interview–great questions matched with some insightful and illuminating answers from Brad, a WP guy I have a lot of respect for. A valuable 50 minutes! Thanks, Matt.

    1. Thanks Michael!

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