Automattic and the VIP Platform with Paul Maiorana

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Matt Report for WordPress, SaaS, and No-Code business
Automattic and the VIP Platform with Paul Maiorana

There is managed WordPress hosting and then there is the VIP platform.

Ok, so maybe you don’t make the leap THAT fast, but if you’re a Fortune 50 looking for a strong SLA tied closely to Automattic, you might choose VIP.

Paul Maiorana, VP of Platform Services, joins us to talk about what it’s like to work at Automattic and wrangle the large Fortune clients. We’ll discover some of the future vision of WordPress and what enterprise clients expect from an agency and what VIP expects from a developer.

I had a great time in this interview and I hope you enjoy it!

Interview with Paul Maiorana

Listening to a client

I was really interested to learn how Paul’s sales team interact with larger clients.

It came down to one simple rule that even smaller agencies struggle with — listening. Mark Suster refers to it as The Danger of Crocodile Sales. Like a croc, you might have a big mouth and little ears. Talking the talk, spitting out lingo and simply not listening.

If you’re looking for more clients, you need to listen to their pain points and needs before you begin.

More money more problems?

As you scale up these fundamental lessons carry over to larger clients.

You’re still waiting for project contacts to sign off on changes and you’re still waiting for everyone to be “in the same room.” Just because you’re charging more doesn’t mean you will be changing your overall process. In fact, it will be your unique process that will get you through the door.

That’s not to say the larger account doesn’t come with it’s red tape. Listen to CC Chapman talk about that and what he forgot to do before landing a big client.

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