3 Critical Phases of the Discovery Process

The podcast is back!

We’re (finally) entering into that web design story line I’ve been promising you for quite some time now. I’ve been sitting on the entire series for the last 2 months, wrestling with ideas on how to release it.

  • One at a time?
  • In episode chunks?
  • Netflix style?

I’ve settled on doing a hybrid approach. We’ll do some chunky-Netflix. In today’s new episode, we uncover the 3 critical phases to the perfect discovery process. This is a complete walk-through of the Core OS process with a twist from Angie Meeker.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How to build your customer’s brand statement, even when they won’t tell you.
  • Reverse engineer your perfect customer profile.
  • Prioritize goals the right way.

“Doctor” Angie sits through a 2.5+ hour session to help me identify an upcoming redesign of ConductorPlugin.com.

Two-point-five hours?!

Don’t worry, it’s edited down in the audio podcast, but if you want ALL of it, you can head over to the YouTube channel. It’s a very interactive discovery process and seeing the pieces of our talk move around her diagram is very important.

Stop! This is important to you if…

  • You’re about to launch a website
  • You consult with people to define their business
  • You’re trying to get team & client buy-in
  • You’re about to launch a product and need to define your audience

This isn’t just for web designers. This is for anyone launching a business and trying to understand the best path to achieve perfect messaging. The methods we practice in this call work for various digital business owners — I urge you to watch the video!

Enjoy the show!

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Interview with the creator of Core, Jose Caballer

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2 responses to “3 Critical Phases of the Discovery Process”

  1. Julian Pons Avatar
    Julian Pons

    Great session! learned a lot and got great insights on how to provide additional discovery to potential clients.

    Is there a way to get a download of the workbook? , Angie’s website is down and i’d love to have a read of the whole document to get more inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Julian. The workbooks come from this design product: http://theskoolrocks.com/core1/ It’s really worth it, in my opinion.

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