Where do WordPress implementers fit in?

WordPress implementers, the webmasters or site builders in our community, were placed back into the spotlight as I read through Mark Uraines post, Care and Influence: A theory about the WordPress community.

I’m convinced Tom McFarlins post, WordPress Developers: Clarifying the title, remains the best definition for these two competing roles in our community — give it a read through if you haven’t already. Mark’s post is great, but I feel it illustrates a percentage of implementers still “need a home” in the community.

Twitter conversation referenced in the episode.

In todays episode, I’m breaking down my opinion on the matter and sharing some of my own real world experience finding a fit amongst my WordPress peers. I’m interested to learn your thoughts, either comment below or connect on Twitter.

In other news, I found the use of Gutenberg in this Chatterbox idea to be a telling story on how “WordPress” might reach a larger footprint of the web.

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