What’s next for the largest page builder on the planet

Can you imagine a world where you set out to create a product that becomes so popular, that — according to today’s guest — it powers 4% of the internet?

Me either.

You might have come across a plugin formerly known as Visual Composer now known as WPBakery Page Builder, but has a new (old?) sister product called Visual Composer Website Builder. Phew.

Who you might not have come across is the product’s creator, Michael Makijenko. Of course, I always knew of the product and the love/hate relationship the WordPress community has had with it’s “finicky” doings for some time. I stumbled upon his AMA on Reddit and was quite surprised how he fielded the entire conversation, a mix of love and hate.

I invited him on to the show to talk about that AMA, how he fields user and community feedback, and what’s next for page building in a Gutenberg-era. I hope you enjoy today’s episode, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe!



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  1. Thanks once again for the interview! Had a great time and it so weird to hear own voice. Sorry for the bad sound quality will get a nice pair of headphones for the next interview 🙂

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