I asked Troy Dean if he was doing this for the money. The answer will shock you.

In this episode, Matt Medeiros follows up with Troy Dean to discuss what he is doing with his business in 2018. They cover the online and education space. Matt and Troy talk about advanced education in the United States, online education, and online marketing. Troy is the founder of WPElevation and RockStar Empires.

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What you will learn from this Episode:


  • Troy Dean started his business with a plugin called Video User Manuals. This plugin was created to save time training new WordPress users. (0:20)
  • An email list was created from people who purchased the plugin. (0:25)
  • Troy does not pitch to users that are not online because most people do not know what WordPress is.  He says that he has an online education and software company. (2:20)

Online Education and Internet Marketing:

  • Advanced education is becoming harder and harder to obtain. Online education is like a toddler with room to grow. (4:18)
  • There are a lot of problems in the online education space. (4:29)
  • Many online courses that are offered by a provider like Udemy have no quality control. (5:25)
  • Many Internet Marketers have marketing funnels that collect the money for courses but do not have a way to see if the purchaser completed the course or program. (6:41)
  • WPElevation has metrics that show if participants have completed their courses and continually offer support. (7:04)
  • WPElevation has a 65% + completion rate and follows up with participants to make sure that they feel they got what they paid for. (8:46)

Approaches to Internet Marketing:

  • Some internet marketers are selling information about their content and not offering anything valuable. They are just selling courses up front to create revenue. (10:09)
  • The constant launch is difficult to sustain. You need to continue to deliver value. (13:13)
  • When Troy started with WPElevation five years ago, he gave things away (like a good business proposal) that brought value to freelancers and small business owners. (14:27)
  • The pivot of the business happened when the community began to grow and Troy started scheduling on site 3-day seminars with face to face interaction. (16:05)
  • There were many failures in the early Internet Marketing space. (16:31)
  • Participants from the seminars have started to ask for the high-end Mastermind classes this year. (18:18)

Focusing on Success:

  • Troy has a list of people that support WPElevation with testimonials. (19:49)
  • You cannot let limiting beliefs hold you back. Ignore anything that does not support your vision. (21:16)
  • Know Your Why. Only buy stuff that helps you with your business. (22:32)
  • Social Media can be very polarizing so if something comes through attacking you just ignore it. (24:04)
  • 2700 people have been through the WPElevation program. (27:34)
  • Sticking around and trying out different price points has lead to the most success. (29:13)
  • There is not a fast track to success with acceptable margins just using memberships and videos. That is not easy. (31:05)
  • Prices are going up as the value is increasing and opportunities are presenting themselves to a larger audience. (33:48)
  • Staff and remote employees from the community are part of the daily business today.  So the “why” is now the business direction, not Troy Dean. (37:56)

Strategic points for the business in 2018:

  • YouTube videos are a strong focus to drive marketing channels. Silence is Golden is an entertaining way show people how to do stuff with WordPress that is published weekly.  (41:10)
  • Every fortnight there is a highly produced how-to video. The latest videos were about how to produce things with the Elementor page builder. The next how-to videos will be produced with other strong products in the WordPress space. (43:04)
  • Behind the scene videos which are raw and shot with a hand-held camera. (43:20)
  • Currently looking at YouTube adds to drive traffic to your channels. (44:01)
  • The next best thing to meeting in person is producing a video. (44:55)
  • Video is hard and most people won’t do it. (45:00)
  • Video seems to be very successful with one unique personality recording. (47:10)
  • YouTube is being used to show the authority of WPElevation in the WordPress space. (48:48)

What is next for Troy Dean?

  • Troy will continue with education and inspiration for small business where a person can be creative. (51:00)
  • Travel more with family. (51:55)
  • Troy has been asking the question what if exploring joy is just “it”? (52:00)
  • Be a good father and dad. (53:18)

Episode Resources:

YouTube for Bosses – Sunny Lenoarduzzi
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To Stay in Touch with Troy:
WPElevation Facebook page
YouTube Silence is Golden

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6 responses to “I asked Troy Dean if he was doing this for the money. The answer will shock you.”

  1. Matt – Can you please replace the mp3 file with one that works? I also tried to download the episode through my podcast app and it’s a corrupted file. Based on the show notes (and Chris Badgett’s recommendation), I’d really like to listen to this episode.

    1. Hi Amy, the file is working for me in both the browser and itunes. Are you getting a particular error?

      1. I did a screen recording for you. Feel free to delete this comment thread once we resolve this, okay?


        1. Amy,

          Very strange. Looks like you might have an ad blocker or virus protection that’s blocking the player? I don’t see it happening on any of my Mac/Windows/Mobile devices. The feed is also playing on iTunes and my iOS app, Cast. The MP3 loads from the blubrry service, not my actual site, so another issue might be connecting to that network. Sorry about that!

          1. I just clicked on this page again and something has changed. I can now see the player embed and the playback is working. I didn’t change anything on my end. Tech just loves to mess with us. Ha! Feel free to delete this comment thread now. Take care!

  2. I. love. this. episode.

    Matt, you ask great questions and I love Troy’s blunt answers.

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