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It’s that time of year again where all the top “blah blah blah” come out — so did you think I was just going to sit out on the fun?

I’ve scoured through my JetPack stats, Google analytics and all of the great big data here on The Matt Report to come up with my top 10 blog posts of 2013.

If you missed out on most of the year with me, now we can recap it together. If you want to get more personal for 2014 join the newsletter.

#10 The WordPress business track

Starting off this amazing list is a post all about WordPress business. Go figure, right? I outline some of the goals for Matt Report here and call out some of the other amazing folks doing businessy things in the WordPress world.

#9 WordPress news and media

One of my favorite posts that I’m happy to see made the list. Back when I wrote this, the WordPress news and “media” scene were heating up. It’s amazing to see that a lot of that died down, but I suspect many new year’s resolutions will get people back into the game.

#8 The state of podcasting

I recap how fast a year went by for me and the what it meant to me. I also give my opinion on the state of podcasting as a whole and how we as hosts, have a lot to do to get better.

#7 How to start a podcast

Need to know how to start a podcast? Look no further for the equipment and software needed in this post!

#6 How to connect Gravity Forms and Trello with Zapier

Here’s one of those posts you make that you didn’t think twice about. If you ever wanted to know how to automate your Gravity Form submissions, check this out.

#5 A WordPress business resource bomb

I was following Shane Pearlman as he dropped a ton of knowledge at WordCamp San Francisco. If you’re a freelancer or a small agency, there are some great tips here.

#4 Jake Goldman invests in seoslides

I interview (text — so I’ll count it as a blog post) Jake Goldman to get his side of the story about investing in seoslides.

#3 PressNomics 2013 Review

If you want to step up your WordPress travels and step outside of the “tech box” then you’re going to want to checkout PressNomics.

#2 Become a Mentor

Being a mentor is awesome and seeing the WordPress community react as they did has been even greater. Read this post and consider joining the movement.

#1 How to Find more Clients

Drummmmm Rolllll please….

The #1 blog post of 2013: How to find more clients! It’s the #1 question I get asked on the newsletter and for the upcoming Matt Report Pro series, you’re going to get all of those tricky questions answered.

I hope you enjoyed this list and if you found it useful, please give it a share. I appreciate it!

Tomorrow on the blog, I’ll release the Top 10 Matt Report Podcasts. Can you guess who is number 1?

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