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Get Off Your Ass And Sell

Earlier today I reacted to a comment by @dmscott during the #PBLS10 (twitter hash) live web feed. He made a remark about not wanting to hear about “your product” in social media. Pimping your product – I believe is how he put it. I stated, I WILL sell online – we’re in a recession! @kdpaine also responded to me saying that “we” won’t buy from a pimp. I responded to her (see my twitter feed) and @dmscott replied to me as well. My lengthy response/remarks are below.

Believe it or not, I’m not a Harvard business grad. I don’t hold any certifications in marketing analytics, demographic forecasting, or any other extravagantly worded functions. I grew up in the automobile industry. That’s where I learned to sell, collaborate, build relationships, and become passionate about my business. Ground work set in by my grandfather and my father in our family business. Taught to provide great customer service experience and above all sell our product – so we could eat.

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