3 Ways You Can Win Like Chris Brogan

Don’t know Chris Brogan?

If you’re in the social media realm, chances are you’ve come across him. He’s one of the most self made marketing and human business experts I’ve engaged with. Find more about him and his many businesses at Chris Brogan Dot Com.

I’ve been following him for a while and have witnessed the top 3 ways you can win like him.

Win Like Brogan

And without further ado…

1. Be Human

This is the number one thing you can learn from Chris. There’s no surprise that his company name is Human Business Works. Day in and day out, he reminds us about how human he is. He’s not writing about pure marketing tactics or over the top strategies. He’s teaching us to be who we are, to be our brand.

Connecting with humans, by being human. It’s the real social media.

2. Educate For Free

I love this.

I try and teach my clients this when they can’t figure out how to generate content or connect with others. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience built up from over the years. It’s your most valuable inventory.

By educating the people around you, you’re claiming your stake as expertise in your field. The more you generate free information the more you’re connecting. The more you’re connecting, the greater your chances of success are.

3. Persistance

Chris posts nearly every day.

A quick Google site search yields 4700 pieces of content on his site. About 10 times the amount I have.

Face it, if you want to win you have to do what it takes. You have to be in front of everyone you can, as many times that you can, with the best possible content you can produce.

You don’t have to be crafting 5000 word count posts or professionally produced videos. You simply need to get out there and create what you can.

The more you go through the paces, the more refined it will become.

Put This All Together And Win

It’s easy right?

Be yourself, spread your knowledge, and do it as much as you can.

Do it in a blog post, a video, an e-mail, on the phone, in person. Everywhere.

What are you waiting for?


4 responses to “3 Ways You Can Win Like Chris Brogan”

  1. I love the human part. It was actually something that weighed on me for several years as I saw people just thrash each other in forum threads, etc. Was there not a better way?

    I’ve learned a lot from Chris as well. The human component is probably the most important lesson.

    1. Absolutely Rick! He really made an impression on me when I met him. 

  2. Joe Abraham Avatar
    Joe Abraham

    Thanks Matt for this practical post. Truly helpful!

    1. Thanks Joe! Glad you liked it!

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