Episode 100

In just over two years time, I’ve finally accumulated 100 published iTunes episodes of the Matt Report. It’s been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to the next 100.

The WordPress podcasting space is very interesting. It’s getting more competitive as I predicted and more WP focused podcasts continue to come to the airwaves. In fact, read David’s post and how he predicts we are (or should) mature this year. I’d venture to guess probably another 3 or 4 (podcasts) will hit before the Q3 mark of 2015.

Lots of inventory for a small market of interested listeners. I’ll reiterate, it’s very interesting.

Take someone like John, blanketing the coverage of the entrepreneurial space and producing $250k+ in monthly revenue. Is it all about revenue? Certainly not, but podcasting is a grind and at some point a host needs to keep food on the table. Sponsorship is something I’ve always wrestled with especially since I have product to sell.

It will be interesting to see how many of us are here in 2016.

2014 Matt Report Year In Review

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Do we need more WordPress in our podcasts or just more podcasts? 

I think the answer is, it depends. Back to the WordPress podcasting space.

I’ve done a lot of WordPress podcasting content, even outside of this show. At the end of the day, my agency clients don’t care that  I do this,  just that I know how to deliver what they need in a project. A majority of Slocum Themes and Conductor Plugin customers do not know about this podcast either — should they?

Does it matter that we talk about WordPress, or is it just the gateway to building an audience?

I’m talking pure business here. Again, back to that bottom line thing. If advertisers are going to laugh at us and direct sales take a toll on our soul — is this an effective channel for WP podcasters to impact their bottom line?

In other words, how sustainable are WordPress podcasts?

I don’t have the answer for you yet. I do know that the podcast has opened doors for me in the WordPress networking space, but so could have blogging and so could have — ahem — networking.

So to the 3 or 4 of you that are starting your new WordPress podcast this year, do something different.

Challenge me. Challenge the status quo of podcasts. Challenge yourself.

Drop me a comment, what’s your favorite podcast going into 2015?

Update: Now with mp3


6 responses to “Episode 100”

  1. Congrats Matt! Completing 100 episodes of some of the best content in the WordPress space is pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks, Chris! 😀

  2. lisa b. snyder Avatar
    lisa b. snyder

    Favorite podcast (in addition to Matt Report of course) is StartUp Podcast from Gimlet Media

    1. That made the top of your list pretty fast 😉

  3. lisa b. snyder Avatar
    lisa b. snyder

    Startup is a fun podcast to listen to. The person that told me about it is probably a pretty good judge of podcast content that I would appreciate.

    However, when I think about the largest # of episodes in any podcast collection that I have listened to consistently, that would be Matt Report.

    (full disclosure: I am currently the executive producer of Matt Report—-but I did start out as a “regular” listener.)

    1. I hope folks know who you are by now 🙂

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