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So it’s been one amazing year already and you’re asking, what’s next?

You might remember a while back I asked for early stage WordPress startups to apply for my next project. Well phase 2 is underway and if you were one of the lucky applicants, you will be hearing from me in phase 3 🙂

But what IS it you ask?

Ultimately it’s a new segment (or series) for the Matt Report. Something other than just interview style episodes. In fact, I’d love your feedback on how I can make interviews better — short from getting a new host.

WordPress startups

In terms of WordPress startups, there’s a lot more out there than you probably realize.

I had over 30 folks apply to my request thanks to my fans helping me retweet the post. This was over 2x what I projected for a response. As details get ironed out in phase 2, I’ll have more details to share but I can tell you one thing, I’m pretty pumped about it.

Part of the Matt Report is to share with the world that WordPress startups and very real and should be taken seriously. It goes beyond themes or plugins (no offense to those of you killing it in that space), it’s people creating SaaS apps, Web 3.0 services and beyond . Let’s take a look at some of the stuff people were willing to share (without the spoilers):

  • A focus on ministries
  • A mobile presence for every business in the country
  • Client training
  • Managed WordPress updates and maintenance
  • A crime vertical
  • Customer Relationship Management

and the list goes on.

So consider this my update before rolling out phase 3. If you want to stay in the loop join the mailing list.


2 responses to “What’s next?”

  1. I just found your request for applications and this post — is it too late to apply?

    1. Feel free to apply. I filmed the pilot episode and should be releasing it next week. Thanks!

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