How Tom McFarlin manages a product & services business

In this episode, Matt Medeiros continues the impromptu Season 6 with his interview with Tom McFarlin. Tom is a developer and business owner in the WordPress community but is not solely dependent on WordPress. He balances his consulting and development business along with teaching and blogging with a focus on  Object Oriented Programming (OOP) encouraging people to write good code.

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What you will learn from this Episode:

  • Tom has a  membership area with Digital courses on his site (1:10)
  • Pressware has been growing over the past 7 years and provides consulting, custom plugin and development functionality. (2:43)
  • Tom’s blog has moved into a combination of free posts along with paid content for members. (2:28)

Marketing your product:

  • The marketing strategy is not just a focus this year for the membership site launch. (3:39)
  • Building strong content will take time and people can sign up as needed or when they recognize the value. (8:02)
  • Blogging with great content with authority takes a lot of work. (8:52)
  • The current blog is established and is being published with a set schedule. (9:42)
  • Word of mouth and posting to Twitter have been the best marketing strategy so far. (13:34)
  • The blog material is being updated with interesting and new material that is being discovered by new developers. (15:59)
  • Tom’s blog is very genuine reflecting his personality. (19:48)
  • Networking at events is a great way to meet the authentic blogger or WordPress owner. (21:40)
  • It is difficult to build an audience using YouTube because the videos come off as being instructional or tutorials on a software product. (23:37)

The Future of WordPress:

  • Consultants have been the boots on the ground for WordPress. (27:24)
  • Blue collar digital workers are becoming a commoditized service becoming people who can fix the code of products that were created. (28:40)
  • There is a consumer level of technology that may always need fixing. (30:09)
  • There may always be a WordPress but consultants may not be directing or taking customers where they want to go with the software. (31:41)
  • WordPress is getting wider with the options of where people want to take it. (32:47)
  • Jetpack (or other WordPress plugins) will probably be part of WordPress moving forward and may not be offered as individual products. (36:07)
  • The individual user seems to be the new direction for the growth of WordPress. (37:37)
  • Plugin development and sales may not take the same direction that themes have. (42:17)
  • Pressware was named without “WP” intentionally even though it is software built on WordPress. (42:54)

Building a Business:

  • If you are going to be working for yourself you need to learn about running a business and know that you should be able to manage a team of developers, contractors, designers, etc. (44:39)
  • Understand the value of the dollar when you are in business and understand where the money goes. (46:47)
  • If you are working in the U.S. make sure you have a great CPA. (48:48)
  • As your business grows you will need to learn to let go of many things and delegate to good people. (49:49)
  • Make sure you have a set ending time to the day when the work discussion ends. (52:18)

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