Thanking My Team And Clients This Holiday Season



(This is a post I wrote over on my company blog on Slocum Design Studio. I thought it was worth sharing here.)

Can you believe it’s Christmas already?

Just over a year ago my father and I set out to create a new family business. After being in the automobile industry for over 40 years – it was time for a change. My grandfather built our family business on the foundation of great quality products and customer service.

Slocum Design Studio was born with the same intentions.

Build quality web, design, photo and video products that deliver results. All supported by the most talented local team of professionals in our field. With a home in the historic Salt Marsh Pottery building in Dartmouth, MA – customers can feel confident that a strong local company is supporting their investment.

One Year Old And Growing

This last year has been an exciting ride. We have learned a lot from this fast paced industry with our team growing in numbers and talent.

The Web Design and Development team is growing fast at the studio. They continuously challenge each other to produce a high quality product that is cutting edge. Not to be out matched is our extremely talented Video team. They really bring the messages to life with stunning visuals and film. All of us are learning and growing together – a truly awesome experience.

Most importantly, we have learned from you – our customers. We have been recognized in the local business community as a company that delivers a powerful and quality product.

It’s no surprise – our founder, Mark Medeiros, has been doing this for over 40 years as owner/operator of Ralph’s Chevrolet and Cadillac.

What We Are Thankful For

We are thankful for our AWESOME team.

These are the most talented folks in our industry. They come together everyday to form a “super hero” alliance that produces a great product and service. It’s hard to express the greatness they all contribute. In no particular order:

Thank you Jonathan Desrosiers our Senior Developer.
Thank you Tara Carreiro our Lead Videographer.
Thank you Jeff Golenski our Senior Designer.
Thank you Scott Sousa our Junior Developer.
Thank you Derek Almeida our Operations Manager.
Thank you Gayle Medeiros our Financial Officer.

Without your efforts – we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We are thankful for our AWESOME clients.

Over the last year, many of you have trusted Slocum Design to deliver the message and identity you have worked hard for. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and desire to work with our company. We look forward to grow with you and your business in the coming years.

Some of our early clients that have supported us:

What’s Coming In 2011

Slocum ME Services

Slocum Design looks to be the leader in affordable small business web and marketing solutions. Slocum ME services have proven to be a great solution for many of our customers. Small businesses, professionals and organizations just starting out find it the most affordable and effective way to build their web and social media presence.

Look for a new version of Slocum ME Pages landing soon!

Our video department is extremely excited to be working on some creative series to broadcast on the Internet. With streaming Internet TV services all the rage – look for an up and coming website to launch.

We’re keeping this one under wraps for now!

Slocum Education

Looking to learn how to use that new digital camera?
Want to learn how to effectively use social media?
How about a lesson on blogging?

Slocum will be launching the educational division of our studio soon. Learn from each of our talented team members as they train you in their respective skill!

In studio and online webinars coming soon!

Wrapping Up

Everyone at Slocum Design is excited for 2011. With a lot of new and exciting products to offer – we hope you are too.

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!


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