Stop caring what other people think



Two of my favorite entrepreneurs to follow tweeted out some awesome content this week.

Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the hardest working dude’s getting shit done in the web tech space. I feel like I have to swear just because he does. In a world of A/B testing, analytics and social graphs he boils it down to a handshake as the ultimate deal closer.

This recent video resonates with me on a whole new level, especially when publishing a new post. I don’t consider myself even a decent writer, let along a good one and pressing Publish is always a stressful situation for me.

Then I think, if Mark Cuban can do it without caring — so can I.

Don’t be afraid to rub shoulders with folks who might be “smarter” than you. To me, it’s all relative. Your experiences define who we are and the world’s a big place. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished on paper, it’s what you believe in and your vision to your success. Whatever that might be.


Mark Suster on rapping

Mark produces some great content. If there’s one dude I wish I could shadow for a day, it’s him. (or Jason)

Here’s a rich white dude, in the VC/Entrepreneurial world quoting Eminem in his latest How Do You Stay Focused?

Corp Dev is rapping my knuckles because I had planned to speak at the Under the Radar Conference. They say I can’t go. They don’t want me around other buyers. But what if they pull out? Then I’m stuck and didn’t foster relationships?

This sucks. They can’t tell me where I can go and where I can’t!

Just a game. Fuck it. Who cares.

Ohh boy, he’s swearing — yikes!

One might think this is inappropriate for the normalcy in VC and financing — but Mark aint normal!

Take a few minutes and read his post, it’s a breathe of fresh air hearing this story from a guy in his position. We all deal with the stresses of running our own gig.

How do you cope with it?

Do it now and do it your way

In my recent announcement of the WordPress Startup Challenge I received a lot of e-mails from entrepreneurs who were afraid to share their idea.

  • It’s not ready.
  • I don’t think people will like it.
  • I’m afraid to talk about it.


If not now, when? If not you, who? 

Some other folks told me that I was wasting my time — no one cares about WordPress startups.

Guess what, I care and if you’re reading this, I think you care too. I’m not doing this for 100,000 views – I’m doing it for 1,000 people who care and I’m doing it my way.

Do it your way and don’t be afraid of offending yourself and others around you.

Let’s rock this shall we?


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