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S2 E7: Are WordPress themes a viable business?

S2 E7: Are WordPress themes a viable business?

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Can authors still make money selling WordPress themes?

In today’s episode, Jonathan Atkinson an Envato Exclusive Author, joins Devin and I to discuss the current state of affairs in the WordPress theme marketplace. Atkinson shares some deep insights into Envato’s recent corporate restructuring, impact of multipurpose themes, and progressive competition in the space.

Envato isn’t the only distribution point lacking balance either. I discuss some of the challenges with the freemium-to-premium theme business model that I experience at WordPress.org with Slocum Themes. Top spots are worth a lot of money on WordPress.org and with recent findings of automated downloads knowingly — or unknowingly — gaming the rankings, it can be a disheartening experience for authors trying to run a respectable business.

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