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WordPress has allowed me to kickstart and foster my own career in the digital age and I’m betting it has for you too.

That’s the beauty of such a highly-adopted open source web publishing platform, there’s always a layer of service or support that the market needs. Sure it’s free, but we all know what that really means. Over the years, businesses and organizations have called upon the likes of freelancers and agencies to aide in extending WordPress to fit their unique requirements.

But what if you’re not a developer or a designer? Heck, what if you’re not even a traditional consultant, how would you launch your own WordPress career?

Today I’m joined by Bob Dunn who built a career off of training and educating around the WordPress ecosystem. I’m bullish on this space and if you’re looking to dive into the deep-end — this is the episode for you!

Options for the non-technical WordPress business owner

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Making a living in the WordPress space without having to ship a line of code sounds like the good life, doesn’t it? There’s a certain freedom when you’re not constantly pressured to balance client expectations for the services you deliver.

Bob and I cover some of the most popular ways for you to monetize your info-based WordPress business. This is a must-listen and one of my favorite episodes that I’ve recorded, enjoy!

Affiliate sales

An age-old way of making money in the WordPress space, linking to affiliate products. This is the lowest hanging fruit and something you could dip your toe into by simply recommending your favorite WordPress products.

Paid reviews

Something I’m currently offering, paid reviews. Bob has also started doing paid reviews, amongst other notable blogs in our space. Of course, I’d challenge you to find a unique voice and point of view if you pursue this route.


A traditional method which requires you to really jump on the consistent content publishing routine to drive loads of traffic and build an audience.


This is a very common route for today’s online entrepreneur to pursue. It’s something I’ve experimented with here on the Matt Report with some limited success. The most notable success in our space, would be Post Status and WP Elevation.


The most intense of the bunch, workshops can be a lucrative venture, but require a lot of hands-on time. In today’s episode, Bob shares his own experiences with running workshops and why he’s decided to wind them down in 2016.

What are you doing to monetize your business?

I’d love to hear what steps you’ve taken to monetize your business. Especially since I recently published my first paid WordPress review. Is it a new members-only course or a more traditional hands-on training consultation? Share your experiences below.


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  1. Dear Bob, dear Matt,
    thanks for the great episonde. Guess the most promising way to increase prices for WordPress services is to position WordPress primarily as a simple tool to meet a higher end – and that is making a website an effective marketing tool. So instead of calling a seminar a WordPress training, you may try to sell Online Marketing trainings that encompasses content marketing success stories like the one from Marcus Sheridan (Englich video here and actual tool training (that is WordPress core functions), Anyway, keep it up!

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing, Joern!

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