The Start Of Something New



Welcome to Matt Report.

Welcome to a place of voices from real experiences, real stories, and real people.

It’s always a great feeling to launch and start something new. Even if it is 3 months late. No worries though, I’m proud of the quality that went into this new blog and I know it will be successful.

What Is Matt Report?

MR intends to be a place of voices from other professionals in business. From web entrepreneurs to brick and mortar small business owners – you should find a story that inspires you.

Did I mention I’m not going anywhere?

I, Matt Medeiros, will still be the main contributing author to this blog. Hence – Matt Report.

A Bit About Starting Something New

I’ve said this in past posts: Just Ship It (a page from Seth Godin)

Milestones, ideas, and design will constantly hold up a web launch. I spent far too much time sketching out ideas and functions that I wanted MR to do.

Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Blogs are about content. Content is about stories, experiences, and actions. People want the content.

So without further delay, subscribe to this blog!

Ready Set Launch

I’m not going to go into a long drawn out summary or timeline of this site. If you follow me on twitter or become a fan of the facebook page – you can experience first hand how I’m going to grow it.

Feel free to comment below – maybe I can write about something you like.


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